April 30, 2024

A seat at the table

New Jersey Resurgence


A New Day

April 28, 2022

Somerset, NJ

In New Jersey

A Seat at the Table (ASATT) was founded by New Jerseyans who believe influence is for all of us.

New Jersey will see a resurgence when everyday citizens have a seat at the table. Through our voices, we can make basic civil liberties and a thriving economy a reality once again in our state. We exist to bring everyday New Jerseyans to the table and equip them to take back our state.

Across the state, everyday New Jerseyans are at work in their communities fighting back against the policies that have sent New Jersey in the wrong direction. It’s time you get a seat at the table.



is for

all of us.

Join us for our first-ever convention.

We’re bringing everyday New Jerseyans just like you together to work towards basic civil liberties and an economy that works for all.