April 27, 2023

A Seat at the Table

About Us

What is ASATT? 

A Seat at the Table (ASATT) was founded by New Jerseyans who believe influence is for all of us. New Jersey will see a resurgence when everyday citizens have a seat at the table. We are both grassroots and establishment, and represent the bridge between the two which will allow everyone to have a voice in the future of our state.

Join us for our first-ever convention. We’re bringing New Jerseyans together to join forces under a commitment to basic civil liberties and an economy that works for all.

Too often when the decisions are being made around New Jersey it’s only the select few that are players. We’ve seen how that works—stifling taxes, declining neighborhoods, and dysfunctional, heavy-handed politics. We’re done with being told how to live and how to raise our kids. We’re done with shuttered businesses and crushing taxes. And we know this sentiment is echoed all across our state.

New Jersey is going to be saved by everyday New Jerseyans, from every corner of our state, standing up saying ENOUGH. Time for a Jersey Resurgence.

Join us for this unique, exciting event. We invite you to


Marla Luciano
Elizabeth Nader
Alexandra Elliott